Blowers are equipment that offer pressures in between a fan and a compressor for a given flow rate. There are many different types of blowers such as positive displacement, high pressure fans, submerged blowers, twin lobe blowers and so on…

IMG_7733Pressure : 1900 mm Wc
Flow Rate : 20000 CMH
Speed : 2970 rpm
Application : Pneumatic Conveying

Fantek offers single, double and multi stage high pressure fans directly coupled with motors or through gear boxes as a substitute to high pressure blowers.

  • Maximum Single Stage Pressure – 4000 m Gc (multiply by fluid density for pressure in mmWc)
  • Maximum Single/double stage blower inlet flow rate – 72000 m3/hr
  • Maximum double stage pressure – 8200 m Gc (multiply by fluid density for pressure in mmWc)

We also offer high pressure fans in series with a maximum stage efficiency of 82% and a maximum pressure of 24000 m Gc.

Our high pressure blowers come with a range of special accessories such as metallic expansion joints, labyrinth seal, gate valves, other special seals and inspection doors.