Centrifugal Fans


Standard Centrifugal Fans


Standard centrifugal fans are designed for impeller diameters up to 1.32 meters and are built for light duty as well as heavy duty applications. All accessories available with our custom centrifugal fans are also available for standard centrifugal fans.

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We continuously strive to offer compact and more efficient fans by developing our own new designs with our research. Making a choice of going in for any of our standard centrifugal fans comes with an added advantage of a short delivery period. Standard centrifugal fans typically come in fully assembled condition and each fan is tested at our works for all performance and mechanical parameters as per BS 848 class B. Our quality and performance certificates accompany our fans during dispatch if requested. We welcome you to come and witness the tests that we conduct at our works before taking delivery of your equipment.

Large Centrifugal Fans

largecentrifugalOur custom centrifugal fans are designed depending on customer’s special requirements. We have options ranging from use of special materials for corrosive, erosive and high temperature applications to choosing from a wide range of accessories and services that will enable you to enjoy fans that you can just fit and forget.

Understanding that capital budgeting for investment in our equipment depends on a number of varied factors for each of our customers, Fantek’s fans are also custom built to suit your budget, which will facilitate you to choose between a bare minimum stripped down version and a highly sophisticated version with world class designs and technology.

We give minimum warranty period of one year and an extended warranty of up to 3 years at an additional cost. Spares for all our fans are available for an extremely reasonable price which is atypical of most manufacturers in the market.

We are happy to share our comments on complete system design and advice on fan problems faced by you at site free of charge. On a chargeable basis, we can also additionally do various kinds of analysis and studies more about which you can find in our technology section.