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Food Processing

Fantek’s hot FD fans save 30% power in a Sago Drier for Velmurugan Sago Factory which manufactures 1000 tons of Sago every three months. The power saving was a pleasant surprise for a company that is located in rural India where power is dear to everyone. The motors have 30% additional reserve which enables the company to increase the production levels when needed by changing the fan speed to get more flow and pressure.

 The drier hot air FD Fans suck hot gases from the furnace, cold air is bled into the stream to cool the gases partially and the hot gases are blown on top of the wet Sago that gets dried along the path it takes on the bed of the drier. Our careful examination of the system revealed several opportunities to reduce the pressure drop of the system which were performed at site. The two old hot air FD Fans were replaced with new ones. That were made to exactly match with the system requirements.