Equipped with skilled workers, a sound quality management system and being geographically present at the heart of Asia’s biggest industrial estate, facilitates us to get access to some of the best machines and infrastructure.


Our subcontractors serve us with their rich knowledge and experience, helping us to keep pace with fluctuating and ever increasing demand. Human Resource is one of the key strengths of our company. Our engineers, company staff and workers totaling more than 30 people have a great deal of experience in their respective fields and are highly motivated to perform the most challenging of jobs.

We have the financial backing of India’s largest bank (State Bank Of India) to help us monetarily with completing our various projects. Chennai being a port city is strategically located for us to serve South East Asia, Africa and the Middle east. infra2 Capital Expenditure is one of the most critical operations of our company for which we pay utmost importance to serve you better.

Our research facility with model fan testing track, swing type dynamometer and instruments for measurement of flow and pressure allows us to carry out tests on various designs of fans and cyclones for continuous improvement of our designs for efficiency, compactness, robustness and noise. Our design department has a total of 10 legal licenses for training in ANSYS (CAE software), one commercial license of ANSYS and three licenses for preparation of 2D drawings. We have a total of five design engineers working to meet your requirements on time.