Bhushan Steel Limited

Steel making is a process that involves a huge amount of dust extraction systems and fans mainly required for the main processes of iron and steel making which include Ore beneficiation (Sinter Plant and Pellet Plant), Iron Making (Blast Furnaces and Sponge Iron Kilns) and Steel Making.

Our range of custom and standard centrifugal fans finds use in all of the above listed plants and we give you fans that are extremely reliable and energy efficient to handle the kind of dust and heat that they are subjected to.

We retrofit our own fans with more energy efficient designs when you order spares which will enable you to save power at zero additional cost and the system study for this exercise is also done by us absolutely free!

Our dust extraction systems (pulse jet filters) for the Iron & Steel industry are made with bags that can take the kind of abrasion in the industry for long durations of time. We import the bags from some of our vendors who are best known in this field and have supplied huge quantities in the past

Reply From the company, the waste gas fan was replaced with new fan by M/s Fantek, Chennai. The Fantek made fans working satisfactorily since last two and half years. The power consumption has reduced 500-1000 units/hr. The production of the plant has also increased by 10%