Madras Cements

Bag Filter fans which were not delivering the required flow rate in Madras Cements were upgraded to deliver enhanced flow by selecting the appropriate fan for the tested parameters.

The main product of Madras Cements is Portland cement manufactured through the five advanced production facilities spread over South India. The cement capacity of the company is 10.49 million tons per annum. ID Fans of Bag Filters need to function to their full capacities in order to keep the working environment clean, especially in the packing area where a lot of dust gets generated due to cement that is exposed to the environment.

Customization is one of the unique attributes of Fantek, irrespective of the size of the project / product, helping our customers save time and money in costly modifications required at site for replacements / enhancement of capacity. Fans designed by Fantek as a replacement were not only energy efficient but were also custom made to suit the inlet, outlet and foundation that were already made and it took only a single shift to replace one fan.

Parameters proposed by Fantek after the study at Madras Cements are given below with scope of improvement in Pressure and Flow Rate

PlantSystemFlow-m3/sTot pr-mmWc% Flowincrease% Pressincrease
Fan-1New fan w/o system correction11.040414.332.0
Fan-2New fan w/o system correction9.545031.373.0
Fan-2New fan with system correction11.040452.155.3