Swastik Dye Chemicals

Our range of fans and blowers for the chemical industries cover the process fans required for eliminating wasteful gases to the stack, blowers for supplying pressurized air, fans for boilers that produce steam/electricity for the process and incinerator fans.

With a thorough understanding of ore processing techniques, power generation, ventilation systems and engineering product design we offer the most comprehensive approach to cost savings in energy (fuel and electricity), productivity improvement and material with enhanced reliability.

Chemical plant fans are generally subjected to the highest levels of corrosion in comparison with other industries. This requires fans to be made of special corrosion resistant material manufactured with unique manufacturing technologies. With the ability to gain access to typically any type of modern manufacturing technology and access to almost all special alloys, we are poised to give you fans suitable for the most corrosive atmospheres.

Fantek’s unique design ability to simulate the functioning of different material, available designs for different types of sealing arrangement depending on your demands and our range of high pressure blowers and fans are a winning combination for serving the chemical industry.