• Civl

    Modal (free vibration) analysis & Unbalance response & Seismic analysis. Based on this the safety / adequacy of the design under dynamic loads and life cycle (endurance) can be assessed.

  • Structural

    Stress analysis of engineering parts & equipments can be modelled and analysed under different loads to asses the deformation & stresses

  • Fluid Handling Systems

    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis deals with fluid dynamic analysis of fluid machines & equipments.

  • Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis

    Thermal simulations play an important role in the design of many engineering applications, including internal combustion engines, turbines, heat exchangers, piping systems, and electronic components.

  • Non Linear Assemblies

    Non linear analysis deals mainly with contact between parts, large deformation & elastic – plastic material stress strain relationship of the parts of the equipment to be analysed.

Our Products

Axial Fans

Axial fans are used for ventilation of commercial structures, car parks, factories and warehouses are manufactured for ease of transport, fitment and trouble free operation. we have designs with lower specific speeds (a number that is inversely proportional to the pressure a fan can deliver for a given flow rate) compared to our normal axial fans.

Centrifugal Fans

Our custom centrifugal fans are designed depending on customer’s special requirements. We have options ranging from use of special materials for corrosive, erosive and high temperature applications to choosing from a wide range of accessories and services that will enable you to enjoy fans that you can just fit and forget.


Dampers ‘IGVs (Inlet Guide Vanes) are designed to pre-rotate or spin the air in the direction of fan/compressor rotation. This has a flow-modifying and a resistance effect and hence allows operating a constant speed fan at different process conditions.


Fantek cyclones are also offered with special wear liners and insulations to suit your requirements and can be used for a wide range of applications


Blowers are equipment that offer pressures in between a fan and a compressor for a given flow rate. Fantek offers single, double and multi stage high pressure fans directly coupled with motors or through gear boxes as a substitute to high pressure blowers.

Pulse Jet Filters

Pulse jet filters are filters used mostly for industrial purposes meant to separate dust from dust laden gases which will helps us to keep our environment clean as well as capturing useful material that can be reused.