Wind Tunnel Fans

Optional Features
For surface and underground mining applications, heavy duty enhancements are available, including:
  • Conduit box roll-over protection
  • Fabricated steel conduit boxes
  • Heavy duty reinforced housings and wheel track protection
  • Grease nipple protection
  • Reinforced inlet bells
  • Duct adapters designed for use with collapsible fabric ducting
  • A variety of skid-mounted arrangements

Our range of standard axial fans have been designed with aerofoil shaped blades, die cast in aluminum with various options for attachments as described in a detailed manner in our product brochure. The fans are designed keeping in mind the energy consumption, total weight and compactness to ensure that our customers get the best available in the market.

Maximum flow rate – 96000 m3/Hr
Maximum Pressure – 53 m Gc

impeller components are X-rayed using real time radiography, and exa